Alice Bienia is a Canadian crime writer and creator of the Jorja Knight mystery series.  A former management consultant and intrapreneur, Alice holds a Bachelor of Science in geology, and was a trailblazer for Canadian women conducting field exploration. Her work in remote regions of Canada fuelled her passion for adventure, reading, storytelling, coffee, and all things absurd and sublime. Alice resides in Calgary, and when not plotting a murder, amuses herself watching foreign flicks and exploring Calgary’s urban parks and pathways. More about Alice…   

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Knight Blind, the first book in the series, introduces private investigator Jorja Knight, an independent modern day woman with a penchant for self-help and a knack for attracting trouble. Knight Blind was a 2016 Arthur Ellis award finalist for Best Unpublished Crime Novel.



Knight Blind 
Jorja wants to put the past behind her, once and for all. Her first big challenge is to shed expectations that things will turn out badly – or fatally. Her background and experience have taught her to rely on no one. But as she tackles her first big case, she finds herself trusting her life to those that society has deemed most unreliable. More…


COVER 2-2One Knight Stand 
Jorja agrees to help good friend, personal chef Gab Rizzo, do damage control when a high powered executive of a weight loss company fails to survive the dinner she’s catered. But as Jorja delves into Carl Johnson’s death, she runs into a few red flags. Jorja is used to blowing past red flags, but this time it may cost her, her life. More…  


COVER 3-2 Three Dog Knight
When Stephen Wallis, a high tech guru and venture capitalist, is found dead in his secured and highly wired, state of the art home, the news media tout it as the perfect murder. With no weapon or clues left behind, Calgary Police Services’ Detective McGuire is running out of leads. Stephen’s sister hires private investigator Jorja Knight to help find his killer. Solving his murder would be the big break out case Jorja is craving. But first she has to survive the relentless snow storms hammering Alberta’s foothills and a stalker who’s  refusing to let her forget she’s a                                            murderer’s daughter.