Knight Blind

COVER 1-2A wealthy woman. A long lost nephew. A phone call ending with a gunshot. Enter private investigator, Jorja Knight, too independent for most men’s taste, too aloof for her own good.

Zosia Gorwitz escaped the horrors of WWII but not the guilt that came with being a survivor. Now some seventy years later she’s getting desperate middle of the night pleas for help from someone claiming to be a relative of the family she left behind. When the last phone call ends with a gun shot Zosia hires Jorja, who is dealing with her own survivor guilt, to track down her long lost nephew and put her mind at ease, that all is well.

But all is not well.

Zosia’s nephew is dead, shot by persons unknown, his shiftless son, Johnnie, has disappeared and someone with chameleon like characteristics has assumed Johnnie’s identity. Jorja tracks down some of Johnnie’s strung out street pals, including Nick, who shares his bizarre suspicions as to who is behind Johnnie’s disappearance. But when another of Nick’s buddies goes missing, Jorja must decide if pursuing the truth is worth risking more lives. The decision is taken out of Jorja’s hands when she and her unlikely sidekicks become the next targets. Slipping from the highs of her newly liberated life as a PI into a sudden and terrifying free fall, it’s here in the darkness of her own vulnerability that she discovers what she is made of and how far she is willing to go to find Johnnie and keep her derelict tipsters alive.

Knight Blind, was a finalist for the 2016 Arthur Ellis award for Best Unpublished Crime Novel.

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