One Knight Stand

COVER 2-2Gab Rizzo’s rising reputation as a personal chef is at risk when a high powered executive of a weight loss company fails to survive the dinner she’s catered. Gab calls on her long time friend, private investigator Jorja Knight, to help dispel rumours that she had a hand in his death.

Carl Johnson is a smart, kind, upstanding citizen, and one of the nicest guys his family, friends and co-workers know. So why would someone want him dead? Especially just weeks before his company, Riteweight, is about to launch the miracle weight loss supplement the world’s been waiting for.

Suspicion quickly shifts from the caterer that prepared his last meal, to Carl’s wife, Rose. And rightly so, after all she seems to have the most to gain by Carl’s death. So when Rose begs Jorja to prove her innocence, Jorja reluctantly agrees, fearing Rose’s naivety, dowdy looks, ignorance of Riteweight’s business and childish demeanour might be the perfect disguise for a clever killer. But as Jorja searches for an alternate suspect for homicide to focus on she discovers that Rose was far from the only one with a reason to see Carl die. Delving into the over mortgaged lives of Riteweight’s owners, Jorja finds a trail of clandestine affairs, hacked trial data, and threats to delay the product launch. On top of it all the new man in her life is waving red flags of his own. But that pales in comparison with what she discovers is going on in the lives of Riteweight’s about to become rich and famous, something that shakes her very soul.


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